To make grants to individuals and organisations to support young adults with special needs to access activities, including provision of equipment and facilities. We will raise funds to support organisations which in turn will provide advice, information and training for families, carers and support workers and young adults with special needs going through transition from schooling and beyond.

About us

Support 19 was created to support the growing need of young adults with special needs. As parents, and volunteers we could see the growing gap in services offered to these young people and set out in May 2015 to create a charity to help close the gap. We want to provide support so young adults with special needs can better access community activities and increase their role within the local community. We want to enable the young adults to reach their potential within the wider society and develop self esteem and increase independence. It encourages them to play and active and full role in the local community. We will support their families and carers to continue to fulfill their caring roles by offering support and advice as well as grants for short breaks, activities or other needs they may need.

Who we serve

Young adults with moderate to severe learning disabilities aged between 18 and 30, and their parents, families, carers. The charity will also support staff who work with the young adults to fulfil training to current requirements or for personal development that will have an impact on their work in this area. The charity will also consider applications from organisations that work with young adults with learning disabilities to support their requests for funding equipment and training.

We want to support young adults with moderate to severe learning difficulties, aged 18 to 30, their families, carers and support workers, associated with Post19 or other organisations that match the above criteria.

The trustees will only consider any application that meets the above criteria.

Registered Address:

6 West Close


email: support19@post19.com